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Today, hydropower provides 70% of the electricity we generate from renewable energy sources and is growing fast, helping to stabilize our climate, reduce harmful pollutants and create new jobs.


We have experience in supporting services at all stages of projects from planning, development, M & E packages manufacturing and installation, to commissioning and operation of hydro-electric plants, assisting plant owners, financial institutions, lenders and developers in all of the technical aspects of their hydro-electric developments.


Hydropower is 100% clean, green energy. It consumes no natural resources, produces no emissions, and creates zero waste. And did you know that, compared to all other energy sources, hydropower is the least expensive, most efficient method for generating electricity? In fact, it is the only renewable energy source that does not require government subsidies to be price competitive.


Hydropower offers a source of energy generation which is sustainable, low cost and low maintenance, and energy can potentially be generated wherever there is a difference in level of moving water. The members of our dedicated team has been involved in a variety of hydro-electric generation projects across the globe.


BreFix Technologies’ success lays upon the close connections between members and their clients and partners. Members retain their own brands and local independent legal structure. They will continue to conduct their businesses with autonomy, doing so under BreFix Technologies’ license, its position of strength, and it’s operating professional guidelines.


Clients can contact BreFix Technologies either directly online or through a member.

This approach provides a continuous source of new business for the members, permanent opportunities for cooperation and professional improvement and avoids unproductive internal competition.

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We want to be a globally preferred trusted partner for sustainable water and environmental engineering.

Every service delivered by us provides added-value for our clients. We achieve this through: Dedication to understanding our client’s needs and delivering solutions. Seeing the bigger picture but also taking care of the finest details. Encouraging ingenuity, yet guaranteeing results.

Approach & Companies Policy

We operate focused on objectives and are open for partnerships that compliment and strengthen our capacity to provide state of the art services. Our Members are established trustworthy professional chosen not only for their technical skills, but also for their personnel skills, which match our mission of providing full commitment to our clients and to project success. In addition to our highly qualified permanent staff, excellent long term working relationships with numerous external experts allows BREFIX TECHNOLOGIES to adapt to the specific needs of any project and provide the client with the best possible project team.


BREFIX TECHNOLOGIES Members are committed to comply with all relevant legislation and other requirements with respect to environmental, occupational health and safety aspects.

  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Commitment
  • Results-Orientation
  • Efficiency
  • Promptness

Integrated Management System

IIn line with its core values and objectives, BREFIX TECHNOLOGIES Members are committed to providing the highest standards of quality control and to implementing a process of continual monitoring and improvement.
This assures the highest quality of all services and outputs for our customers, compliance with all related legislation and norms, and adherence to state-of the art safety and environmental management practices.